Unlocking FAQ's

Q. What is unlocking?

A. Cell Phone / Mobile unlocking is the process of removing the lock which prevents the device from accepting and being able to use a SIM card from a rival GSM network. Network providers place such locks on handsets to prevent the easy migration from one network to another. We provide unlock solutions which help our customer to remove these locks by inputting simple codes in to the handset with specialist instructions that allow access to special unlock menu's on the handset.

Q. Is unlocking illegal?

A. No. The UK government and US government have both confirmed that the unlocking of mobile devices IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. We are only aware of one country in the world which has made the process of unlocking a mobile device illegal. That country is France. As a result, we are no longer able to accept orders from French customers. Sorry.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We are able to accept payment using any major debit or credit card. We have undergone rigorous security checks so that we can accept payments using our own secure payment system. Our system is fully PCI DSS compliant and is regularly audited by McAfee Secure. We have yet to find another unlock code supplier who has undergone such checks and can accept card payments directly. We also accept payment via PayPal and Google Checkout.

Q. How long will it take to receive my unlock code?

A. Please complete the order form. You need to tell us the make and model of your handset and which network it is locked to. We can then provide you with an accurate quote. We'll also clearly tell you the delivery time so you'll know how long you have to wait.

Q. What is an IMEI? Where can I find it?

A. An IMEI is a unique serial number which is assigned to every mobile device ever manufactured. We need the IMEI of your handset to unlock it. To retrieve your IMEI, simply type *#06# in to the keypad. Your IMEI should appear on the display. We strongly recommend that you retrieve the IMEI from the handset and not from a label on the outside of a box. Boxes and handsets can get mixed up.

Q. Will unlocking my handset void the manufacturers warranty?

A. No it won't. We use approved manufacturer methods of unlocking handsets. Unlocking will not make any difference to your warranty.

Q. Can unlocking damage my handset? Are there any risks?

A. There is no risk of damaging your handset when applying unlock codes. Each handset has an in-built unlock code pre-programmed in to it when it is manufactured. The codes we provide are the same codes that you would receive from the network or the manufacturer of your handset if you asked them to unlock it for you. Unlocking by code is completely risk free. Alternative unlocking methods carry much greater risks.

Q. Will I need a cable or any software to perform the unlock?

A. No cable or software is required. Our unlock codes simply need to be typed in to the keypad with special instructions that we also provide. Cable unlocking should only be performed by trained specialists. Cable unlocking also carries significant risk of permanently damaging a handset if not performed correctly. There is no risk with unlock codes.

Q. What if the unlock doesn't work?

A. In the unlikely event that your unlock code does not work, you will be guided through our custom designed technical support questionnaire where you will be asked a series of questions. Your answers will then be forwarded to our dedicated team of unlock engineers who will then help to diagnose and fix your problem.

Q. Can you unlock handsets from any network?

A. At the time of writing (25th Oct 2009), we have over 8,000 unique handsets and over 1,200 known networks in our database. We can unlock a huge range of handsets locked to most popular networks worldwide. To check if we can unlock your particular handset, simply complete our order form for a no obligation quotation.

Q. How do I input my unlock code when you supply it?

A. We have a dedicated customer control panel where all unlock codes are delivered along with full, detailed instructions for your particular handset. You will be prompted to register as a new customer at the point of payment. Once you have registered and paid, you will have access to the control panel.

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